No. I Brandy Cask Aged Gin

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For our Brandy Cask Aged Gin we use our Zahlersberg No. I Dry gin. After distillation and completion with pure spring water from the Oberen Wallenburg Alm at 1646 m, it matures for 4 weeks.

The gin is then filled into the Portuguese brandy cask with a barrel strength of 50% vol. Our gin is stored there for exactly 5 months and 10 days. There the No. I Brandy Cask Aged Gin not only gets a wonderful amber color, also fine aromas of oak, vanilla and aromatic herbs.

Our gin is filled with a barrel strength of 46% vol. The loss of 4% vol comes from the so-called Angel’s Share. The "sip of the angel" describes the portion of the gin that evaporates from the oak barrel during storage.

Evaporation of the angel’s share frees up space inside the barrel, which fills with oxygen during maturation. The oxygen initiates the so-called oxidative ripening. In this process, the oxygen reacts with the distillate, which affects the gin in terms of color, taste and aroma.

This aromatic complexity makes our brandy cask Aged gin so special.

Strictly limited to 70 bottles.

To the barrel:

Looking for the perfect barrel for our Zahlersberg No. I Brandy Cask Aged Gin, we found what we were looking for at Tanoria Josafer in Esmoriz, Portugal.

The Brandy Cask is used by winemakers in Portugal to make brandy. The most famous is the Macieira, which has been made since 1885. Characteristic of this brandy is the storage of at least 6 months and the exclusive use of the best grapes from the Portuguese grape varieties Arinto, Periquita, Trincadeira and Fernão Pires.

Type of wood:

French and American oak

Organoleptic properties:

Smoky aroma with fine spicy notes, vanilla and aromatic herbs