Grias eich and welcome

As a gin manufacturer, we have made it our goal to create a truly exceptional gin.Hand-picked botanicals from our own and regional agricultural cultivation, the pure, clear water of the Tegernsee valley, a lot of time and manual work give our gin its unmistakable character.

100% handcrafted Bavarian Gin


CEO & Master Distiller

"I want someone to look at me the same way, that I look at Gin!"


CEO & Master Distiller

"Just a bit crazy!"

Gin-Manufactory - Here we are at home

Passion for gin, friendship, inventiveness, daring and finally a crazy idea led to the development of the Zahlersberg Distillers gin manufactory.

Located at Zahlersberg 1 in the Tegernsee valley, with the endeavor to create a unique gin.

A lot of manual work, love, passion and above all time is invested in growing, hand-picking the botanicals, preparing the macerate, distilling, maturing the distillate, filling, corking and labeling the hand-painted bottles.Everything here is done by hand, every single step is strictly monitored and carried out by us personally.

A real gin manufactory

Gin Gin!

Fabian & Thomas